About Me

My name is Richard Dien Winfield.  

I have been a philosophy professor at the University of
Georgia for 35 years, teaching thousands of students and writing a score of books on the great problems of humanity. 

Now I intend to bring these arguments to the public in support of the policies we need to adopt to uphold our freedoms.

A New Social Bill of Rights


Imagine a United States where every willing and able adult is guaranteed a job at a living wage serving the common good, providing public works and services like installing broadband connections for all, erecting a green energy infrastructure, and doing robot-proof care-giving that the market is not furnishing.

Imagine a United States where employees and employers cooperate on an even playing field, with all corporate boards drawing half their members from non-managerial staff and all employers being required to engage in collective bargaining with the elected representatives of their employees.

Imagine a United States where work and family are in harmony, where every employee has a paid one month vacation, paid emergency family leave, and paid nine month parental leave, and where all families receive a $500 monthly child benefit, while having access to free public childcare and eldercare.

Imagine a United States where healthcare is no longer a worry because Medicare for all covers every physical, mental, and dental treatment with no copays, no deductible, and no prescription drug charges.

Imagine a United States where no one need fear eviction or foreclosure because rent and mortgage payments are secured by a fair housing insurance system.

Imagine a United States where every qualified student can have access to free public technical training and college.

Imagine a United States where we are all equal before the law thanks to a Legal Care insurance fully covering personal criminal and civil representation.

And imagine a United States where these planks of the social bill of rights we need are fully paid for by a fair system of highly graduated income and wealth taxation.
The following videos will introduce you to some of the
arguments I am putting forward for a new social bill of rightsto counter our growing economic inequality and insecurity, and the subversion of our democracy by privileged interests.